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Balding? Thinning Hair? No problem!

Having 30 years of working in the medical hair loss industry, the president and founder of SureThik has treated thousands of hair loss sufferers.

Unsatisfied with the non-surgical options available to his clients he decided to develop his own products, and in 2011 SureThik was born. A non-surgical, topical treatment unlike any other. It’s made from 99% keratin, the protein component of your own natural hair. Designed to work with your existing hair, SureThik micro-fibers gently cling to your natural hair and blend seamlessly to create a thicker, fuller look in just 10 seconds.

SureThik won’t irritate even the most sensitive scalp. Owning and operating his own hair replacement clinics for 25 of those years, he saw the need and opportunity to take Hair Fiber technology to a revolutionary new level.

Even hair that’s only beginning to recede can affect your self-confidence about your appearance.

Replacing natural hair with unnatural hair pieces and wigs can be uncomfortable and just doesn’t have the look and feel of natural hair. Invasive surgical hair transplants and prescription drug treatments can be costly and come with unwanted side effects. Rarely do those solutions even provide long-lasting, natural-looking results.

There are 8 pigment-rich hair colors to choose from including grey, so there’s always a perfect color that’s right for you.

SureThik is the new way to redefine your look. It’s easy to apply. Simply shake for spot coverage, or spray for even, full coverage. SureThik fibers will bond to even the finest hair, adding instant thickness. Gently pat or brush to set and finish with SureThik Holding Spray. This unscented, alcohol-free formula gently sets hair and adds shine, without making hair stiff or sticky. Simply shampoo and condition as normal to remove.

SureThik is virtually undetectable even up close and will even stand up to vigorous exercise and sweat—it’s even rain and wind resistant. Fibers won’t run, stain, or smear. Finally, a safe solution for thinning hair.